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Getting started / doumentation

  • David Lewis

    David Lewis - 2008-11-07

    PyUML looks really impressive and useful, but I'm having difficulty getting started.  Is there any PyUML-specific documentation anywhere?

    To start with, I'd like to create class diagrams of some existing code.  PyUML has "full Roundtrip functionality", so does it have the capability to create UML diagrams from existing code?

    Sorry for asking such an elementary question!

    • Jakob O

      Jakob O - 2008-11-07

      Looks like there is only the german user guide (luckily I am german^^). You can start by pressing the pyuml button on the upper left corner. Unfortunately here is no possibility to attach a screenshot. Write me an email (jakob dot oswald at gmx dot net) if you need the screenshot. The tooltip states "This starts a synchronization Run to update the UML model by the Python Code in a Project. If you dont see the pyuml toolbar in the upper left corner your installation may have failed. Maybe you'll have a look into the the german manual anyway, there are at least some images to refer to. I personally have had trouble with generated import and static method "fixes" so I had to modify the plugin. Pyuml will _always_ make a roundtrip, which means that it first generates the diagram from the source and then synchronize the source by the diagram. It's a pity that the initial developer does not maintain the software anymore (does he? at least I didn't get any answer from him in this forum here...), since I would appreciate some more configuration options.


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