PyUML 1.2.2 and PyDev 1.4.8

  • David

    David - 2009-09-18

    Does PyUML 1.2.2 work together with PyDev 1.4.8? I'm using Eclipse 3.4.2 and can't get PyUML to run: I do get the four PyUML buttons after installation, but they don't have any effect.


  • Martin Dittmar

    Martin Dittmar - 2009-09-23

    I Didn't try this version of PyDev yet, but I hope I will have time in the next days to see if PyDev is the problem.

    Can you try to install an older version of PyDev until then?

    Yours, Martin

  • Martin Dittmar

    Martin Dittmar - 2009-10-10

    Hi David,

    just for information, I tried PyUML with Eclipse the latest versions of Eclipse (Galileo) and PyDev (1.5.0) and everything seems to work well. (Except the known problem that you sometimes have to reload the created/changed Python classes to see the changes)

    Did you configure PyDev as described in the User Guide and create a PyDev project? Then the first of the four buttins should open a UML diagram…

    Maybe you can try again with PyDev 1.5.0 and give some more information…

    Yours Martin


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