Ernesto Posse - 2011-02-26

Hi. I have some unrelated questions:

1) Is it possible to customize the directory name where PyUML keeps the models to something else? In my projects I use a particular directory layout where models are in a directory called 'models'.

2) The plugin is based on UML2Tools, but it seems like the preferences of UML2 (Window -> Preferences -> UML2 Diagrams) are ignored. Is this a bug?

3) To what extend are class diagrams supported? I find that adding associations, specially aggregation relationships seems to have no effect in the generated code other than in comments. Or am I missing something?

4) To what extent are component diagrams supported? Support for component diagrams seems to be limited to generating empty classes for components and interfaces, or if the component has ports, generate a constructor with attributes for those ports. is this correct? Nothing seems to be generated by creating connections between components and interfaces (either requires or provides), and it doesn't appear to be possible for a component to have multiple requires or provides interfaces. Is support for these features under development?