Eclipse Checkstyle Plug-in 4.4.0 released + Logo wanted

The eclipse-cs team released the Eclipse Checkstyle Plug-in 4.4.0 today.
This version revs up the Checkstyle engine to the recently released
Checkstyle 4.4.

See the release notes here:

On a second note the eclipse-cs project is looking for a new logo.
Since we (the project members) are pretty much unskilled graphicwise we
would like to ask the Checkstyle community to help out.
So if you yourself have the skills and a bright logo idea, or know
someone who has, we would be very happy for your contributions.

All participants and of course the winner (chosen by the eclipse-cs
team) will receive honorable mention on a site dedicated to this little
Please send your contributions to this mailing list, at best in form of
a link to the logo graphic(s):

Posted by Lars Koedderitzsch 2007-12-23

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