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  • Lars Koedderitzsch

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    I looked into it.
    To get this working we would need our MarkerResolutions to extend from WorkbenchMarkerResolution.
    Unfortunatly this abstract class was introduced in Eclipse 3.2.
    If I would implement this feature we would break compatibility of the plugin with Eclipse 3.0/3.1, which is not desirable since many corporate users are still hooked with those versions.

    We also lack the resources to maintain 2 development streams, so I figure this feature would be unimplementable until Eclipse 3.0/3.1 goes into retirement.

    However, we could implement a similar feature for the Checkstyle violations view, where you could select a bug category and invoke something like "Fix all occurrences".
    How would you like that?

    • Duncan Jones

      Duncan Jones - 2012-10-10

      I recently raised a question on StackOverflow regarding multiple quick fixes before encountering this feature request. Can I ask if this idea ever gained traction? Some kind of bespoke eclipse-cs solution to implementing multiple fixes of the same type would be highly desirable (to me at least).

  • Lars Koedderitzsch

    Since Eclipse 3.6 is the minimum supported Eclipse version nowadays I think this could be picked up again.
    I'll try and see if this works out easily...

  • Duncan Jones

    Duncan Jones - 2012-10-11

    Hi Lars,

    Thanks for the very swift response.

    I tested this using the simple class defined in my StackOverflow question (linked above). Using the standard Sun checkstyle checks, the missing if braces result in two checkstyle problems (line 12 and line 15).

    Using the Problems view, if I right-click on the problem on line 12 and select Quick Fix, the dialog box shown by Eclipse offers to fix the following issues:

    Resource              Location
    --------              --------
    [x] CheckStyle.java   line 12
    [ ] CheckStyle.java   line 15
    [x] Checkstyle.java   line 12

    As you can see, line 12 is referenced twice and auto-selected, line 15 is not selected automatically. If I adjust the selections so that line 12 and 15 are correctly chosen, the fix works fine. E.g.

    Resource              Location
    --------              --------
    [x] CheckStyle.java   line 12
    [x] CheckStyle.java   line 15
    [ ] Checkstyle.java   line 12

    So it seems like you've solved the fundamental issue, but now have a tiny display bug. (Or Eclipse has a bug). Thanks again for such a swift response on this.

  • Lars Koedderitzsch

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Yeah, I noticed this duplication issue too - it's alway the marker selected in Problems view which is duplicated.
    My debugging revealed that the duplication happens in Eclipse code (selected marker is added to the fixable collection), and there seems no way to counter-act that.

    In any case, the duplication does not seem to impair the functionality itself, so I guess it's good enough.

  • Lars Koedderitzsch

    The bug is in org.eclipse.ui.internal.views.markers.QuickFixHandler.execute(ExecutionEvent)

    Still present in 4.2, I filed a bug report over @Eclipse:

    • status: open --> closed
    • milestone: --> 4.4.0
  • Duncan Jones

    Duncan Jones - 2012-10-23

    Thanks for the information. Again, I really appreciate your swift reaction to a feature request!

  • Duncan Jones

    Duncan Jones - 2014-10-08

    Hi again - could you kindly confirm which version first introduced this feature? It seems like it was 4.4.0, based on the milestone. But the release notes at http://eclipse-cs.sourceforge.net/releasenotes/4.4.0/release_notes.html don't list this.

    (Side note: it would be great to have an option to see all the release notes on one page).

  • Lars Koedderitzsch

    Given that I provided a 5.6.1-SNAPSHOT build to test back then, I assume it was fixed in the 5.6.1 version.
    Seems I had missed adding it to the 5.6.1 release notes - also I am not sure why I tagged the issue with milestone 4.4.0.

  • Lars Koedderitzsch

    • Group: 4.4.0 --> 5.6.1

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