• Benson Margulies

    I'm working on actual code for M2eclipse. Do you want it?

    have you considered moving from cvs???

  • Lars Koedderitzsch

    Hi, contributions are always welcome, of course.

    Regarding CVS: I pondered the idea a few times, but as there are not actually
    a bunch of active committers these days it never seemed worth the hassle.

    Any particular reason you're asking?

    Best regards,

  • Benson Margulies

    Well, I'm currently using svn, and git every day, and hg now and again.
    Another source control system and my head might explode.

    A bigger problem, I realize, is that the m2-eclipse code I've been cleaning up
    combines checkstyle, pmd, and findbugs in one package (some common code, some
    not). I'm not sure it's a great idea to split it up. I think I want to refine
    it all together before making a decision.

    p.s. Next plugin release it would be nice if the update site were p2.

  • Lars Koedderitzsch

    Ah, alright, I understand.

    If you're interested please check out the "org.maven.ide.eclipse.checkstyle"
    module from the eclipse-cs repo. There was a motion underway already from
    Nicolas de Loof to split out Checkstyle m2eclipse integration.
    Recently I received another patch to bring this contribution up to
    m2eclipse-0.10.2, and if the contributors testing goes ok that module might be
    released with eclipse-cs 5.3.0.

    Regarding CVS: I see, but that's not enough incentive right now for me to make
    the move ;-) When I decide to switch the repo one day I think it might be git

    And regarding p2: I think I might need to migrate the plugin build to tycho
    first, and even then I've not yet seen a p2 repo with dislocated descriptor
    files and download artifacts - as sourceforge hosting would imply. On
    sourceforge downloadable artifacts must be available in the FRS (File Release
    System) where regular web resouces (such as the p2 repo descriptor files)
    would be located in the regular web section. The update site xml allows for
    fully specifying download artifact URLs - I've not seen such a thing for
    generated p2 repo files. And given the p2 documentation seems a bit spotty to
    me (and p2 being a complicated beast ;-) ) I've not yet found the motivation
    to look deeper into this. Even more since the good ol' update site works just
    If you happen to know any good, matching samples to those problem a hint would
    be very much appreciated.

  • Benson Margulies

    Sticking with the immediate issue at hand,....

    I read deLoof's code a bit ago. Aside from being 0.10, it doesn't deal with
    mapping ant pattern to regular expressions or some other parts of the config.
    For all I know, the new version fills in the gaps, and we now have two of
    these that do pretty much the same thing.

    Can I see the patch to see if it included any of the missing stuff?

  • Lars Koedderitzsch

    The patch is already applied to the CVS head, but I suppose those where only
    adaptions to m2eclipse API changes since 0.99.


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