remote configuration question

  • karol_k

    karol_k - 2011-04-28

    i'm trying to retrieve the chceckstyle configuration from sonar server (in
    order to provide the same configuration for developers and the ci build). but
    when i point the remote configuration to the sonar permalink which looks like
    this: http://sonar:9000/profiles/export?format=checkstyle&language=java&name
    , i get IOException with http return code 406.
    are there some limitation of passing arguments to the remote configuration
    url? or with the streaming of the xml content?
    thank tou

  • Lars Koedderitzsch

    Hello Karol,

    plugin wise there should be no limitation to URL parameters - as long as the
    URL parses correctly and is resulting in a Checkstyle configuration file.
    What happens when you use the URL in your browser? If the URL is working there
    - might there be a proxy etc. in between which could be interfering?

    BR, Lars

  • Anonymous - 2011-06-07


    I had a similar problem. In my case the Sonar was protected with user login.
    Check out the URL is accessible even without login.


  • Michail

    Michail - 2012-01-27

    Hello, kkarol,
    have you resolved the issue?
    Could you describe your solution here for those who faces similar problems
    (like me) :) ?

  • Eduardo Garcia-Castrillon

    Any news on this issue? It's been more than 4 years and I'm facing it too.

  • Lars Koedderitzsch

    This is not exactly a eclipse-cs issue, but rather a Sonar configuration issue. You'd probably be better of posting this question on a Sonar forum.

    The requirements of eclipse-cs regarding a remote configuration are simply:

    • must be accessible via http protocol
    • only HTTP Basic is supported as authentication scheme

    The plugin cannot deal with form based authentication, which seems to be a Sonar default.

  • Bruno Miles

    Bruno Miles - 2016-01-22

    Yeah this happened to me too, I think I'll just leave it


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