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ECLiPSe 6.1#164 Release

This is the first release of ECLiPSe 6.1 on SourceForge. Source and binaries for 32 and 64 bit Linux, 32 bit Sparc SunOS 5, 32 and 64 bit Windows and 64 bit Intel Mac OS X are available.

Posted by Kish Shen 2013-07-16

Release ECLiPSe 6.0#183

This release includes the second release of binaries for 64 bit Intel Mac OS X

Posted by Kish Shen 2011-05-26 temporarily inaccessible

Due to a mix-up with domain name registration, any links currently don't work. You can connect to instead which is the IP address of Apologies, we are trying to sort this out asap...

Posted by Joachim Schimpf 2010-06-25

ECLiPSe release 6.0#82

The ECLiPSe file releases have been updated to ECLiPSe 6.0#82. This include several binary releases that are not part of the regular test and build, including for the first time, binaries for Solaris on 32 bit x86 processors.

Unfortunately binaries for 64 bit x86-64 Linux is no longer available, as we do not currently have access to this platform. However, the file release for x86-64 Linux was updated to 6.0#75, the last binary build we were able to make. ... read more

Posted by Kish Shen 2009-05-05

ECLiPSe 6.0 #42 Intel Mac binaries released

The Intel Mac OS X I have access to has been fixed and so I have now built and uploaded the binary file release for ECLiPSe 6.0#42.

Posted by Kish Shen 2008-10-06

ECLiPSe 6.0#42

I have updated the file release for ECLiPSe 6.0 to #42.

Three contributed libraries have been added to this build, and the SetupGuide was updated. The new libraries are in eclipse_misc*.tgz in the source/doc package if you want them. ;they are included in the Windows self-extracting executable]

Posted by Kish Shen 2008-09-26

ECLiPSe release 6.0#41

The first file release of a new major version of ECLiPSe: 6.0.

The main reason for the new version number in this release is the replacement of the ECLiPSe compiler.
There are significant and extensive changes "under the hood", but hopefully the user will see little visible difference except for a more stable and maintainable compiler. See the release notes in read more

Posted by Kish Shen 2008-09-19

ECLiPSe Release 5.10#141

This release include a new library, and various bug fixes and updates.


1. lib(minizinc) allows models written in the MiniZinc modelling language to be run with ECLiPSe.

2. Newer CLP/CBC solver for the MacOSX binaries, downloaded April 2008. This fixes various problems reported with previous versions. This update is not available for the other binaries because of problems with the gcc we use on these platforms.... read more

Posted by Kish Shen 2008-07-11

Mailing lists now up and running

The ECLiPSe-related mailing lists have moved are now hosted here on SourceForge. To get informed about major new features and releases, subscribe to the low-volume list To participate in technical discussions concerning the use of ECLiPSe, check out

Posted by Joachim Schimpf 2008-04-11

ECLiPSe Release 5.10#103

This release includes a new user contributed library, various bug fixes, documentation updates/clarifications, and enhancements. Highlights:

1. lib(grasper) - the GRAph constraint Satisfaction Problem solvER, contributed by Ruben Duarte Viegas. If you are downloading the binary tarballs (i.e. non-Windows binary distributions), you need to download eclipse_misc*.tgz to get this (and other user contributed) library.... read more

Posted by Kish Shen 2007-11-27

Saros 1.00 Beta Release

We are pleased to announce the 1.00 Beta release of Saros.

Saros is an Eclipse IDE ( plug-in that integrates the IDE with the ECLiPSe Constraint Logic Programming System ( to provide both ECLiPSe development and execution environments.

Why 'Saros'? The integration of ECLiPSe with the Eclipse IDE obviously leaves much scope for confusion. In order to avoid this the plug-in is named 'Saros'. The reason the name is appropriate should be obvious from the definition: ... read more

Posted by Andy Cheadle 2007-11-01

ECLiPSe Release 5.10#82

This release contains bug fixes and minor enhancements. The source code should also compile on both Intel and Power PC Mac OS X.

A newer version of the COIN-OR solvers (from June 2007) is now included with binary distribution for lib(eplex_osi_clpcbc) and lib(eplex_osi_symclp).

Posted by Kish Shen 2007-07-09

ECLiPSe 5.10#57

This release contain bug fixes, including for lib(dbi) and lib(eplex).

It also include the following new features:

1. Embedded ECLiPSe (loaded in as a dynamic library) can now be unloaded.
2. Support for CPLEX 10.1 for eplex. This is only available if the user have a valid license and libraries for CPLEX 10.1, and ECLiPSe is compiled from source, as we do not distribute the binaries for lib(eplex) with CPLEX.... read more

Posted by Kish Shen 2007-03-19

Release 5.10#39

This release includes some bug fixes (particularly for the eplex OSI solvers), and some LGPL files that were excluded from earlier releases.

We are also releasing some more binary packages, e.g. for PPC MacOS X.

Posted by Kish Shen 2006-11-20

Release 5.10#26

Windows users should get this update - it fixes the broken interrupt-button in tkeclipse on Windows. Moreover, the packaging scheme has been simplified, so there are less files to download.

Posted by Joachim Schimpf 2006-10-14

Release 5.10#25

Our first open-source release is now ready for download, binaries (Linux/x86, Windows, Solaris/Sparc) and sources.

Posted by Joachim Schimpf 2006-10-05

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