Can't download latest version automatically

  • Rebecka

    Rebecka - 2012-10-11

    I have a script that downloads the latest version of the plugin from (using getstore() in perl), but it has recently stopped working. Now, instead of a zipfile containing the latest version of the plugin, I get one that only contains the file artifacts.xml. Downloading the plugin manually still works as expected.

    I'm wondering, has anything changed with the download page lately that might explain this?

  • Mikael Petterson


    The link you sent me will try to download the zip file if I open it in a browser.
    The change that I have made is that there is a new directory in the sf file release system (frs). It is called updatesite and will later be used as a real update site for downloading new versions. However is not ready. I guess it should affect you unless you have something in your getstore that will take update site first.




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