Use different views for different projects?

  • Rebecka

    Rebecka - 2012-05-24

    Is there any way of choosing which view is selected when associating a project with CC, or does it always have to be the view that Eclipse is started from? And is there any possibility of working with different projects in different views in the same Eclipse session, i.e. to work simultaneously on project 1 in view 1 and project 2 in view 2?

  • Mikael Petterson


    No there is currently no possibility to choose view. It will be the view in which Eclipse is started from. I have not tried working with different views ( for each project). I have not investigated this.



  • Rebecka

    Rebecka - 2012-05-25

    Thank you for answering! I've added a feature request for it (3529727) in the hope that you might consider implementing it sometime in the future if you should have the time. It would be a practical feature to have.


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