Plugin behavior with snapshot views

  • JebSpringfield

    JebSpringfield - 2011-05-11

    Hello guys, I just installed this plugin on eclipse 3.6 and the first feature I tried was the version tree. It works but it doesn't detect that I'm using a snapshot view. Whenever I click on the version tree icon I get a
    "xclearcase: Error: You cannot use the "setview" command with a snapshot view" and another window pops up asking me to select a viewtag.

    After going through the process it works but whenever I need to check the version tree again I have to go through the whole thing again.

    Please let me know if there is a configuration or something to correct this.

    So far the plugin looks promising, it's really nice to have people like you with the will do develop these things :)

  • Mikael Petterson


    Thanks for your interest in this plugin. Please file a bug report at:

    Also it is important to add trace from the Eclipse workspace. Log can be found in:


    As well as describing the scenario ( which I think you did).

    Then I will absolutely have a look at it.




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