Requesting help debuging a merge save error

  • xsvenson

    xsvenson - 2011-02-28

    Hi there

    We got a little problem with clearcase and eclipse and thought maybe You could help us bit. I'm not really sure where the problem lies, it might be eclipse itself or it might be the clearcase plugin so please forgive me, if I am actually in the wrong place.

    Anyway, to the problem. The quick description is, we cannot save files that have been merged with another version of the file.

    The situation is as follows:
    We have a project with files in clearcase. The eclipse project has been associated with clearcase, so far its all fine.

    The usecase (in eclipse of course):
    * Checkout the file
    * (Internal) compare the file with another one from another branch
    * Copy all non-conflicting changes to the workspace file
    * Workspace file is marked dirty by eclipse
    * Save …

    … and nothing happens. The editor is sill marked as dirty, the changes are not present in the workspace file. As far as I can tell, the workspace file is not write protected. I cannot see any warning nor error in the log (anywhere). So I'm kinda stuck debugging the problem.

    Our eclipse version is 3.5.2 (stuck on this platform, nothing to do here). Got the latest clearcase plugin for that platform.
    Java(64bit) is up-to-date, though I don't think that matters much. And working on windows (w7 64bit).

    Any help or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You.

  • xsvenson

    xsvenson - 2011-02-28


    Thank You for Your quick answer.

    We are using dynamic view.

    Indeed the second step needs more explaining.
    I'm doing it like this
    * Team -> History
    * Select the version
    * RMB -> Compare Active with selected

    One thing though is that we are using a custom merge view, I forgot to mention that earlier. However, we excluded the merge view from the problem list. The reason is that the data model, which is used by the view (and our project in general, model is also custom) is merged successfully and while running on top of svn, there are no problems, save is successful. However, again,  I guess there is always a chance for a hidden conflict of some sort, though the log files remain silent.

    The first glance on the link would suggest that this might be what we are looking for, so may I ask what is the currently planned release date for the 2.2.7 version ?

    EDIT: While writing this answer we stumbled upon an interesting feature. Namely, when the workspace file is open in any editor, then the file is saved. So it seems the view does not want to save the file or somehow restricts it or I don't even know. This might suggest it's more of a problem in Eclipse than the clearcase plugin, though it's curious it worked with svn. We will test, if maybe the editor/view feature is responsible for successful save on svn too.

    I do apologize for wasting Your time if it's indeed a problem with eclipse itself.

    Thank You.

  • Mikael Petterson


    Ok so you use the source I provide and then you add your own merge view. In out view it is not possible to make merge since the view is solely for making a diff.

    I will release 2.2.7 tonight or tomorrow depending on workload :-)

    I have not worked so much in svn so I will not make any guess.

    Well I am doing this for you and all my users. I like it and you are not wasting my time :-)



  • xsvenson

    xsvenson - 2011-02-28

    Thank You again for Your kind response.

    Did some more testing and digging and the editor/view feature was related to our custom editor, so the "any editor open" is not correct. For now, it's a workaround, but not really the preferred way, but still something.

    We will be waiting for the plugin. Once it arrives we will see how that works for us.

    Thank You for Your response and for Your work. The plugin has helped us alot.

  • xsvenson

    xsvenson - 2011-03-01

    Hello there,

    Another day, another comment.

    We tried Your newly released plugin, unfortunately it doesn't quite work the way we hoped.

    However I have here a comment from the developer who build our custom components. As I personally am a bit far from knowing the Eclipse (I have been working with plugins only a short time so far) this comment is a bit over my head. However I think that for You, as a developer with more experience, this could shed some light into our problem :

    " … as far as I understand the Eclipse team API, the CC plugin has to save the changes stored
    into the ResourceNode after the merge editor has filled it. For this a
    IContentChangeListener needs to register. After the merge editor uses setContent() (what
    we do) the listeners are informed about the change and can save the content to the correct
    file or database or what every they used to load the content.

    This is not implemented by the CC plugin - as far as I have seen it. But is should not so
    hard to make it. "

    We appreciate Your work and help and hope I'm not too much of a trouble.

    Thank You

  • Mikael Petterson


    We all have our roles.

    As with all open-source code it is done on a voluntary basis and with our spare time.  I am familiar with the Eclipse Team API.
    Since it not so hard to do he has the chance to contribute to this project :-) How much time does he estimate? Either send code or help out committing.

    We can make a better plug-in buy contributing.



  • Mikael Petterson

    Also please add the it under "Feature" on the sf website for the plugin.




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