#348 Saving from internal compare view saves the wrong version


When I right click a checked-out file, and select "Compare with Predecessor" it opens the internal compare view. If I make changes to the right side, then hit save, it over-writes the checked-out file with the left side of the compare window, which wipes all of the changes.

ccase 2.2.27
Eclipse 3.7.2


  • Mikael Petterson


    I will have a look at it this week/weekend.


  • Mikael Petterson

    • assigned_to: nobody --> eraonel
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Mikael Petterson

    I have had a look at it over the weekend. I found that the ClearCaseResourceNode class needs major rework for this to work. This will take some time to do. In the meantime will the merge function work as a workaround?



  • Mikael Petterson

    • priority: 5 --> 6
  • Derrick Gibelyou

    In the meantime I copy changes from the compare view to the file and save from there. The merge function only seems to work with merging branches, but it would be awesome if I could use this plugin to merge between versions and/or merge on checkin.

  • Mikael Petterson

    Had to make use of SavableCompareEditorInput to make left file ( latest or view private) possible to save. Fix will be in release 2.2.28.


  • Mikael Petterson

    • status: open-accepted --> pending-fixed
  • Mikael Petterson

    • status: pending-fixed --> closed-fixed
  • Mikael Petterson

    No more info received so I guess it works :-)


  • Martin Oberhuber

    This does not work for me (Redhat RHEL 6.2 , Java 6u21 32-bit , Eclipse 3.8.1):

    • Choosing Compare with > Predecessor,
    • The CHECKEDOUT version is the right one in the compare viewer, left is the previous
    • When I edit the CHECKEDOUT version and click save, the compare editor is no longer
      dirty but my CHECKEDOUT version is unmodified

    So bottomline, there is no data loss any more but the problem is not fixed for me.

  • Ruud Goossens

    Ruud Goossens - 2013-08-13

    I tried reproducing this issue (Redhat RHEL 6.4, Java 6u21 32-bit, Eclipse 3.8.1, eclipseccase 2.2.31):

    • Checking out a file.
    • Choosing Compare With > Predecessor
    • The CHECKEDOUT version is in the left pane, the /0 (previous) version in the right.

    I cannot edit the previous version in the right pane, which is good. When I edit the CHECKEDOUT version (it becomes dirty, indicated by the * in the label) and click save, the compare is no longer dirty, the file is changed and saved, but the compare is not updated. If I open the same file in the default editor and make a change there while the compare is still active, the compare is updated (i.e. indicating the new changes as changes between the CHECKEDOUT and previous version).

    I would say this issue can be stay closed but a new ticket can be has been opened to fix the problem where the compare is not updated on a change and save inside the compare.

    Compare viewer not updated on save inside compare viewer https://sourceforge.net/p/eclipse-ccase/bugs/367/

    Last edit: Ruud Goossens 2013-08-13

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