#331 Use -master flag when adding resource applies to checkouts


In the preferences, selecting: "Use -master flag when adding resource" results in the "-nmaster" flag being added to checkout commands.

If the option to always use reserved checkouts is selected, this results in the following error:
"Executing cleartool command:
co -nwa -nc -pti -nmaster -res c:\project\myfile

cleartool: Error: The -nmaster option requires the -unreserved option.
Usage: checkout | co [-reserved] [-unreserved [-nmaster]]
[-out dest-pname | -ndata] [-ptime]
[-branch branch-pname | -version] [-nwarn]
[-c comment | -cfile pname | -cq | -cqe | -nc]
[-query | -nquery | -usehijack] pname ...
--> finished, exit status 1, duration: 0ms"


  • Mikael Petterson

    • assigned_to: nobody --> eraonel
    • priority: 5 --> 7
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Mikael Petterson

    I will have a look at it this weekend.


  • Mikael Petterson

    • priority: 7 --> 3
  • Mikael Petterson

    Since you have selected "always use reserved" checkouts it will fail since reserved is not allowed with nmaster. I see the following that can be better:

    1. In preferences add more text telling that -nmaster flag is used for add/checkout commands.
    2.Give option to do an unreserved checkout.

    Let me know how you think it should work.I will not start implementation until I have your input.



  • Timothy Tucker

    Timothy Tucker - 2012-08-09

    My original thought was that it shouldn't really be possible to have both options selected in the preferences at once since they conflict.

    Since there is no way to do reserved checkouts with the option to use nmaster is checked, I would expect that the whole option group for reserved checkouts would be disabled with the setting set to "Never".

    That way it would actually be impossible to have them both set to conflicting values in the first place.

  • Mikael Petterson

    It sounds like a good idea. I will have a look at it today.


  • Mikael Petterson

    Implemented some checks in clearcase preference tab ( source). It is not possible to have RESERVED_CHECKOUT to always and master enabled.

    The fix will be included in 2.2.17.


  • Mikael Petterson

    • status: open-accepted --> pending-fixed
  • Mikael Petterson



  • Mikael Petterson

    • status: pending-fixed --> closed-fixed

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