Tests don't run at all

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-07-30

    No trouble running the tests with JUnit in Eclipse. But running them with EclEmma, nothing happens. Red square in console window indicates launch, but no tests run, and there is no output in our logs (which there always is early on due to initialization). It appears to be completely frozen before anything happens. Clicking red square to kill job pops up dialog with details saying writing was interrupted (connection/socket closed). Fresh install of Eclipse and EclEmma. Completely reproducible. See screenshot.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-07-30

    (Unable to upload screenshot. Won't let me attach. Nice. The screenshot shows a blank EclEmma window in Eclipse, a start time of 6:16:54pm, the current system time of 6:42pm, the active red box (showing that the job is still launched).

  • Marc R. Hoffmann

    Hard to tell where the process hangs. Can you please create a stack dump with JDK tools on the console?

    1) With "jps" find your process id
    2) With "jstack <pid>" dump the stack state of your hanging app.

    Please post the dumped stack  (or open a bug where you can attach files).