#140 infinite wait on EclEmma "Loading..." after JUnit tests run

Version 2.1.4

I was running Eclipse Juno (Build id: 20120614-1722) with EclEmma and Eclipse EGit (among other plug-ins). I have 100 JUnit-based tests that take about 1 second to run. Getting code coverage based on that run takes less than an additional second. Normally ...

1) I ran the tests w/coverage and looked at the results.
2) I exited Eclipse
3) I moved the test data files
4) I "informed" git about the changes and did a "git commit"
5) I restarted Eclipse
6) I can still run the JUnit tests, but _no_ coverage data! I get an infinite wait on the "Loading..." message in the "Coverage" tab.

There is nothing in the "Problems" tab. Based on another (related) EclEmma bug (recorded on the Eclipse website), I checked the .log file and found the (attached) log fragment. It seems that the moved data files are messing up EclEmma.

Doing an F5 (Refresh) on the "Package Explorer" tab resolves the problem. (Nothing else, including Eclipse restarts, seems to work.)

-- Configuration Details --
Product: Eclipse (org.eclipse.epp.package.jee.product)
Installed Features:
org.eclipse.platform 4.2.0.v20120608-135145-9JF7BHV8FyMteji0Oi_ePMz0xuZ8TVo7lV0z0ecb
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  • Jeslie Chermak

    Jeslie Chermak - 2012-09-21

    eclipse log fragment

  • Marc R. Hoffmann

    This is how Eclipse is designed: When you modify files outside the workspace you need to tell Eclipse that the projects content has changed. Doing a refresh (F5) should be enough, no need to restart Eclipse.

  • Marc R. Hoffmann

    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix

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