#127 Unable to open the coverage source at Method level


Hi Marc

Issue Description :

We are using Jacoco in Websphere7.0 application server. After completion of test case we are able to generate the jacoco.exec file. And based on this file while run the build.xml we are also generating the code coverage report..But while drill down to report up to method level we are unable to get the link for opening code coverage java file.

And your Reference please find the complete Jacoco setup attachment

And for resolving this we also simulated this issue with latest jacoco 0.5.7 version, but we are facing the same problem.

Process of Jacoco.exec generation.

1. We are placing .xml from windows machine to Unix machine.
2. Then our server component pickup that file and complete the test process,during this time jacoco.exec file will be generated.
3.Then after stopping the Server, jacoco.exec file will be updated.
4.Will take the jacoco.exec file from Unix machine to Windows machine.
5.Finally based on this file ,will generate the jacoco code coverage report.

Environment Details

Websphere 7.0
Java 1.6
Ant 1.7
JaCoCo_0.5.5 and jacoco-0.5.7

In addition,for this complete process there are two build.xml files are involved.

1. Application specific build.xml file,it will take the .java file and prepare the ear
2. Second one is jacoco buiuld.xml file,it is use full only for jacoco report generation

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  • Marc R. Hoffmann

    The debug information in the provided file are incomplete: It does contain line numbers but no source file reference.