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Eckbox / News: Recent posts


Eckbox has been completely rewritten in C++. It now uses SVGAlib for the graphics, so it cannot be recompiled for BSD, OSX, etc, only Linux.

Also, it has been split up into three programs: eckbox, eckboxcalib, and bw. bw and eckboxcalib are for calibration, explained in the spiffy new man pages, and eckbox is the main program.

It currently only works in 800x600 resolution, so you may want to switch your monitor to that before running the program.

Posted by Nick Rupert 2004-03-11

Stuff about v0.1 and v0.2

Well, I've just released the second release of Eckbox. In this one we actually have stuff drawn to the screen, which didn't appear last time due to a small glitch :).

Stuff that I don't like about v0.1: It requires that for a few seconds, the target screen must display alternating black and white pixels (maybe I'll include an image for this in the next release?), in order to calibrate.

Version 0.2 will hopefully have a separate program to permanently calibrate it. The only problem with this (which isn't really a problem) is that each time you want to spy on a monitor of different resolution, or when switching from spying on LCD to CRT (or vice versa), you have to recalibrate.... read more

Posted by Nick Rupert 2004-03-03