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Eci HiFocus ADSL Modem Linux Driver / News: Recent posts

EciAdsl Usermode 0.10 is released

Usermode version 0.10 of EciAdsl is released.
For Changelog, look at:

Posted by FlashCode 2004-11-04

EciAdsl Usermode 0.9 is released

Usermode version 0.9 of EciAdsl is released. It is compatible with 2.4 and 2.6 kernels. This project provides a Linux driver for the ECI USB ADSL Modem and USB modems with Globespan chipset.

Posted by FlashCode 2004-04-06

Usermode 0.8 is released

Usermode version of EciAdsl v0.8 is released.
Major stability bug fixed, all users should upgrade to this version.

Posted by FlashCode 2003-08-02

Usermode 0.7 is out

Minor changes.
Packaging release : Sources, RPM, Debian, Gentoo & Slackware.

Posted by FlashCode 2003-04-07

Usermode 0.6 is out

Main things added since version 0.5:
- 28 supported modems,
- support for some extra PPP encapsulations,
- configuration/compilation/installation scheme redesigned (see the INSTALL file),
- new config tool (for console/terminal),
- documentation updated (README, INSTALL, TROUBLESHOOTING, online FAQ) and available in french and english,
- a lot of bug fixes

See the Changelog file for further detail)

Posted by wwp 2003-01-16

Driver v0.5

Many improvements (threading, ...)
Graphical tool to configure driver.

Posted by FlashCode 2002-05-16

First user mode driver

Now We have somthing that enable you to connect for aboutr one minute.
Then LCP timeout.

Posted by Jean-Sébastien Valette 2001-12-05

BOTH LED stop blinkin

This is done. The green led isn't blink any more after modem init.
It is supposed to mean that adsl sync is good.
Now I will try to send and receive data !

Posted by Jean-Sébastien Valette 2001-08-06