Can't Synch. Interrupts?

  • gonchong

    gonchong - 2004-06-27

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to connect to the UK isp Freenetname using a new D-Link DSL Generation II modem. I've followed the postings elsewhere on this site and am using the beta build for this modem and Synch999.bin

    The output is as follows:

    [root@localhost root]# startmodem

    setting up USB support (1/5)..

    ehci-hcd seems to be present trying to remove it...
    ehci-hcd removed successfully

    loading TAP/TUN support
    tun loaded successfully

    loading firmware (2/5)..

    ECI load 1: failed
    ECI load 1: success
    firmware loaded successfully

    setting up modem (3/5)..

    ERROR reading interrupts
    ECI load 2: timeout
    failed to get synchronization

    Is the ERROR reading interrupts a fatal problem?
    I'm using RedHat 8.0

    MODE=LLC_RFC1483_ROUTED_IP (Though I'm not sure what this should be - I've tried the others)

    Hope you can help. You're doing a great job here!
    Thanks in advance

    • kolja gava

      kolja gava - 2004-09-20

      hi gonchong ,
      seems you have installed a std driver version of the driver,
      did you run ./configure --with-chipset=GS7470 ?

      if yes, pls redo the installation doing, before make install, a "make clean" command



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