InstantVNC 2.0 release

Hello! The 2.0 release of InstantVNC is now available here:

InstantVNC is the application that allows remote access to your Windows PC. Simply customize and distribute a single .EXE to the users you want to remotely support, and you'll be able to connect to them with an EchoVNC Viewer regardless of any intervening firewalls or routers.

As of the 2.0 release, InstantVNC can be used either in "as needed" mode, which requires no installation, or in an "always on" mode where it's installed as a normal Windows service.

Updates since the 1.43 release:

* added a optional "help screen" that optionally displays at startup, making it much easier to access the customization screen.

* added a "mini GUI" option that's displays a less-complicated UI to
the end-user

* added a "service mode" so that InstantVNC can be installed as a
normal Windows service

To install InstantVNC as a standard Windows service, just startup InstantVNC normally, and once it's running, right-click on the service-tray icon and select "auto-start at reboot...". That will lead you thru the service configuration steps.

The best EchoVNC Viewer to use with the InstantVNC binary is the 2.40a one available here:

Please let me know if you see any problems, or have any suggestions.


Posted by Scott Best 2012-04-08

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