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ECB 1.50 released

Some minor improvements and some bug fixes.

Posted by Jesper Nordenberg 2001-08-12

ECB 1.41 released

This release contains a bug fix for a bug that occured when clicking on methods and variables in XEmacs.

Posted by Jesper Nordenberg 2001-07-20

ECB 1.40 released

Many improvements and bug fixes.

Posted by Jesper Nordenberg 2001-07-18

ECB 1.32 released

This release fixes the bug that occured when parsing Java classes that implemented interfaces but had no super class.

Posted by Jesper Nordenberg 2001-06-06

ECB 1.31 released

This release contains some bug fixes and a new feature: the class parents are now shown in the methods buffer!

Posted by Jesper Nordenberg 2001-05-31

ECB 1.30 released

ECB 1.30 is now released. Improvements since 1.20:

- If not all ECB-tree-windows of current layout are visible at redraw-time
('ecb-redraw-layout') then the redraw synchronizes the contents of the
tree-windows with the source displayed in current edit-window (Klaus).

- Added a section "Tips and Tricks" to the ECB online-help. (Klaus)

- Added a new layout Nr. 10 for very small screen resolutions where all
squarecentimeters are needed for the editing itself. This layout only
displays a method-window and a edit-window. (Klaus).... read more

Posted by Jesper Nordenberg 2001-05-28

ECB 1.20 released

Download it and give it a try. Too many changes to be listed here, read the history file.

Posted by Jesper Nordenberg 2001-04-28

ECB 1.10 released

The following things have changed:

- Automatic expansion of the directory tree.

- Method parsing is now recursive, so that for example inner classes in Java are shown in the methods buffer.

- Variables are now shown in the methods buffer.

- Selected files and directories now use the secondary-selection face. Thanks to Kevin A. Burton <> for this patch.

- Fixed some issues with XEmacs. Thanks to Colin Marquardt <> for this.... read more

Posted by Jesper Nordenberg 2001-03-25

ECB version 1.0 released

The first version of the ECB has been released.

Posted by Jesper Nordenberg 2001-03-17

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