I'm using emacs 23 (cvs unicode) with cedet 1.0pre4 and ecb 2.33beta1.
  i) How can i make ecb use exuberant tags (in c++-mode
     for example) instead of semantic ?  
Currently this is not possible - whenever a language is supported by semantic, ECB uses the semantic-backend.
But i'm working on a more flexible and customizable backbone for pasing-engines - so it will be possible in future but not now...
 ii) If i) isn't possible, how about speedbar ? At the moment        speedbar seems to use semantic as long the language is supported.
     Otherwise etags or imenu kicks in. Is there a way to let speedbar use etags all the time ? 
I'm not sure about this - you should ask the cedet-mailing list
iii) Is there a way to enforce the current global emacs colour-scheme on speedbar ? 
same as for ii

Thanks for your time


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