Hi All,

I'm upgrading from cedet-1.0beta3b to cedet-1.0pre3 and I've run face first into an incredibly annoying problem. Basically, I can't use the new cedet because of this. I'm using cedet with ecb 2.32 and gnu emacs 21.3 on WinXP

Here it is:

When I do a M-x the cursor focus move to the minibuffer as expected. So far so good... After less than 1 second, the focus shifts back to the main edit window and what I was intending to type in the minibuffer is actually typed into whatever buffer is currently active. No matter what I try, this problem does not go away. The focus ALWAYS shifts from the minibuffer back to the main edit window....basically I can't do anything!!

This does NOT happen with the cedet-1.0beta3b version using identical ECB 2.32. Perhaps this is soley a cedet problem but perhaps there is some interdependency between the two packages. For this reason I've also included the ECB list.

This issue also happens with the cedet-1.0pre2 version. I have to continue with the older CEDET until this problem can be addressed.

Please help... ;-)