Hello All,


I am a new, inexperienced user of eca – please bear with me!


We are using (an ever so slightly modified version of) ecasignalview (which we have renamed to monitor) to constantly monitor some channels on a couple of sound cards in a CentOS 6 machine. We are using alsa and the following (essentially ecasignalview) command to run the monitor:


monitor –f:32,2,44100 alsa,CRD1-DIG


This runs constantly because part of the requirement for our UI is to display some sort of visual representation of the input signal at all times.


Occasionally, we would like to record and issue the following command to do so:


ecasound –t:30 –a:1 –b:256 –f:16,2,44100 –i:alsa,CRD1-DIG –o:dig.wav


However, this runs into the “can’t run ecasignalview and ecasound at the same time” problem for which I can find no solution; does one exist?