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Major bug fixed

There was a VERY annoying bug in the Perl script that would cut off parts of the link text when it rewrote the link to the file. I've fixed it now, but I won't send out another release until I have a chance to go over the program and clean up the structure a bit more. If you want the new release, it is in CVS in the perl/ directory.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-01-09

Some changes coming

Some improvements to the algorithm for finding duplicate favorites are in CVS right now and will be available in the next release. I want to spiff up the UI a bit before I release the next version, and I also want to try it out a bit more to see if these improvements do what I need them to.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-11

Heptane updates

I added help and about buttons to the form. Hopefully this helps out people who are reluctant to try it.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-09