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If it wasn't already obvious, this project has been put on indefinite hiatus. I now have a full-time job, am addicted to World of Warcraft, and have multiple free-time website projects in progress. Sorry to disappoint any of you that were looking forward to an update!

With luck, I'll be back some time in the future to work on it further.

Posted by deathtoll2001 2007-02-22

Long-Needed Update

I'm still alive and I thank all of you that have downloaded my program (250 is tons more than I ever expected!).

I'm finally back into a work environment and done with college for good! However, I'm only in an internship, so updates may or may not come in the next months. Hopefully they will!

Posted by deathtoll2001 2006-08-08


Unfortunately, the end of my current job and the start of my next (and worst) quarter of acedemics is upon me. This is causing many delays with improvements to the software (especially since it's currently in the monotonous stages of writing test cases). I'll work as best I can for a while, but no promises until the end of the school year.

Posted by deathtoll2001 2005-11-23

New form of TestSuite in the works

This is a new idea for me, so it took some time to flesh out the alrogithms, but a form of the testSuite is being created that will test all aspects of the user interface, automatically!

The code base appears to be complete now, leaving only the actual coding of the tests remaining. Exciting stuff!

Posted by deathtoll2001 2005-11-11

v1.6.0 Released - Full testSuite functionality!

The newest version of the eBookFormatter software comes with the full testSuite that I use to test the functionality of the software! With this, you can ensure that you got a successful download and that I didn't miss anything important in each release.

This version also contains many many bug fixes to the sentence spacing, ellipses fixing, and single quote converting functions.

Finally a large bug that prevented the proper use of the function list on the command line has been fixed. It will now run them in the correct order and allow multiple calls to the same function.

Posted by deathtoll2001 2005-11-09

v1.5.5 Released - Major update!

This version includes some serious updates, including the correction of the RTF newline bug, correction of the multiple-function-calling bug, modulization of the features, removal of global variables, and many more! Check out the release documentation for more details.

Posted by deathtoll2001 2005-11-04

v1.4.0 Released

Some big changes here in the command line interface, including implimenting switch-based options and making the output file optional (it will output to STDOUT instead)! I hope to be able to keep making releases this quickly!

Posted by deathtoll2001 2005-11-02

Initial Release

It's finally here! My first ever public release has arrived. Enjoy!

Posted by deathtoll2001 2005-11-01

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