I have received the files, but...

I'll probably release one last version of eboard around march 2009 (incorporating any translation updates I get by then, and a few configuration improvements, plus proper behavior with ALSA / newer versions of sox), and that'll be it. I'm not content with the current codebase and I'll write a new interface from scratch (most likely not called eboard).

I will need translations for the new options that will be added, so I'll ask for translations here on the list when the features needing translation are done.

Please send me again all files you modified, but not as diffs, send the entire files attached. I'll commit them to the CVS this week.

-- Felipe

2009/1/31 Simon Valiquette <v.simon@ieee.org>

 For the last few days, I tried to join either Felipe Bergo or the last known French translator (Pierre Boulenguez).

 Since I have been unsuccessful so far, I am posting my patches here directly.

 Note that I also want to become the new official French translator, as implied by one of the 3 patches I included.

Simon Valiquette

Hash: RIPEMD160


 While tracking and fixing a bug for eboard with Patrik Fimml, I noticed
that the French translation was incomplete and contained many mistakes.

 So, instead of just complaining, I fixed, improved and completed the
eboard French translation. So please merge the included diff with the
new French translation (it is based on the 1.1.1 stable version, which
is the one that will be shipped in Debian Lenny).

 I also noticed that there was few minor problems with the Hungarian and
Japanese translations files, so I also included a small patch about it.

 Finally, since Pierre Boulenguez have not made any translation update for
the past 2 years, I propose myself as the new translator (I also have
included a patch to modify the related files, should you accept my offer).

 Two days ago, I have sent an email to Pierre about it, and have not yet
received any answer about it so I am communicating with you directly.

Simon Valiquette