Hi everybody,

as usual, it's monday and a new version of eboard is out.

Major changes from 1.0.2:

* rewritten a lot of the text console code, now it should be faster, and the selection should be
  fixed (it was broken somewhere between 1.0.0 and 1.0.2)

* added DGT board support through dgtnix

* added joystick support (currently Linux-only, I'll make it work on *BSD along the next 2 weeks)


-- Felipe

Full ChangeLog since 1.0.2:

  * [all]  eboard no longer writes the debug3.ppm file to the homedir
           (leftover debug code) (closes SF#1640523)

  * [all]  make install now accepts DESTDIR (mostly for binary packagers)
           (closes SF#1640162)

  * [all]  fixed console selections and treatment of UTF-8 content
           (closes SF#1633394). The console is also faster.

  * [all]  safer string operations (SF#1639041, SF#1639841, SF#1640126)

  * [all]  added joystick support under Linux

  * [fics] eboard now remembers the column and direction of sorting set for the
           Seek Table. (closes Feat.Req. SF#1112351)

  * [eng]  Game->Resign should now work with any xboard-protocol engine.
           (applied patch SF#1637343)

  * [all]  Added DGT board support through dgtnix (http://dgtnix.sf.net)