Hi everybody,

as expected, last week's load of bug fixes has been released as eboard 1.0.2. Someone has been very active in finding new bugs, so I wasn't able to start adding features as I expected. Hopefully on eboard 1.0.3 we'll have Pierre's DGT board support and some new stuff.

The "best" bug fix in this release is that the 3D piece sets from extras pack 2 are working again.

Downloads: http://eboard.sourceforge.net/download.html
Changelog: http://eboard.sourceforge.net/ChangeLog

This coming week I'll make some changes to the translation files and add some new strings, hopefully giving the translators something to do.

meanwhile, three other things:

1) an eboard user started a Wikipedia entry about eboard: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eboard

I am a somewhat regular Wikipedia contributor (  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Fbergo ), but according to its rules, I should not write or edit pages about myself or my own works, and I won't. The eboard page has some typing errors. Feel free to fix and enhance it as you like. There's no need to make it long (see the wikipedia entry for xboard, for example).

2) Any OpenBSD / MacOS X users here ?

How is eboard 1.0.x on OpenBSD and MacOS X ? Does it compile cleanly ? If not, why not ? Can you fix and send a patch ?

Sourceforge's compile farm has been out for some time now, and I never managed to install OpenBSD in my machines (where do I get ISOs for it ? I'm used to installing/administrating FreeBSD, for the record - eboard is fine on FreeBSD 6.1). And I don't have a Mac to play with OS X.

3) I have added eboard to the gtkfiles.org site: http://www.gtkfiles.org/app.php/eboard

It won't hurt to go there and give eboard a good rating.

Best regards,

-- Felipe