On 1/15/07, Pierre Boulenguez <pierre_boulenguez@yahoo.fr> wrote:
Hi everybody,

Felipe, do we, translators (and integrator of dgtnix) have write access to the repository ?


Only anonymous access, which doesn't allow modification of the code. All translators work by sending me the .po files by email.

So far no one contributed enough code to justify being added as a developer to the project. One thing I am quite happy about the current state of eboard is that it is a stable FICS interface - it doesn't break or crash randomly and it is safe to use it as an interface for important games/tourneys. I fear that more people playing with the live code could break this.

But those who want to work on the code can send patches normally. I've been almost 3 years away from eboard development and am still trying to keep up with everything that piled up on the sourceforge trackers, but I believe things will be "normal" again within a couple of months.

I am still amazed that I remember how most of this code works...

-- Felipe