Well the at least one translator is still around - although not playing
chess as often as he used to. :-)

Good to hear that.

One of that reasons I am delaying the addition of new features and preferences is the need for new translations.

So I'd like to know what translators are here on this list. Changes are likely to be small - 5 to 10 sentences - and can even be sent by email.

Portuguese - Felipe (me) - here and alive
Czech - AlesD - here and alive
Italian - LightKnight / Gabrielle - not sure if here on the list, but he has been talking to me on FICS and updating the translation in the last two weeks
French - Pierre - here and alive

What about the Polish, Spanish, Japanese and German translators ? Are you here ? (And if anyone wants to translate the messages to some other language, you're welcome)
-- Felipe