On 4/2/06, Raphael Schmid < prodenter@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear developpers,

thanx a lot for maintaining a great programm. I have some simpel
wishes and I'm sure it's easy to include them in a newer version:
- possibility to save games to pgn

It already does that, you can pick particular games from the Windows -> Games on Client
dialog, or configure eboard to autosave played and/or observed games to one particular PGN
file (Settings -> Preferences -> Autosave). 

- a tool to analyse played games, on witch for each move
an engine shows the "best" move

Look for SCID, it's a nice program that does exactly that.

- possibillity to play openings only to learn them by heart. So you
can choose the opening and the program does it's part

If I recall correctly, SCID can do that too.

Best regards,

-- Felipe