I am sending this also here (0).

I wanted to tell you that we've started to develop eboard again (1). 
We talked with Felipe + he said though he doesn't develop anymore he'll host the version on his site :-)

Today there was the first contribution in regards to languages (2).
I am working currently also on adding some things to the "Getting started" help file (3) 

I am not sure who of you is still on board with eboard? 
And if you've no time anymore, are you still using eboard? 


(0) some emails from translators bounced back, but may also be interesting for future translators, also this list has other threads with translation topics
(1) https://gitorious.org/eboard/pages/Changes 
(2) https://gitorious.org/eboard/eboard/commit/756c1fdebc38f7f4ba2f9b3043e14b9d1ebf6d85 
(3) https://gitorious.org/eboard/eboard/blobs/history/master/help.cc

P.S. I've your emails from the readme file, I'm only missing email of:   B. Bialas

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personal blog http://IaskQuestions.com

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