#26 Game Analysis mode

Dave Watson

With Xboard it is possible to use an engine (I've tried
it with crafty, and it works) to analyze a game
(basically a window pops up with the computer's moves
shown) from a pgn file, or whatnot. I use this to
look back at games I"ve played on the 'net to see what
I did wrong (at least, what a computer could tell me).
Is this possible to do in eboard? (It seems rather
simple, it's just an extra line of text with a normal
pgn file, interfaced to crafty telling it what the
board looks like, one could even copy code from xboard,
I might have time to look at it when school starts.,
but no gaurontees). Besides lack of play modes (I.E.
I'd like computer to computer over lan, engine vs.
engine, and more server support), you guys made a great
piece of software, thanks!


  • Felipe Bergo

    Felipe Bergo - 2002-10-23
    • priority: 5 --> 4
  • Felipe Bergo

    Felipe Bergo - 2002-10-23
    • assigned_to: nobody --> bergo
  • Edward Tandi

    Edward Tandi - 2004-08-10

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    It is possible to view a pgn file and then open a
    scratch-board with the current position. With this
    scratch-board open, it is possible to run an engine on it.
    You don't see the computer's predicted future moves list though.

    True, it's lacking a computer-computer mode, but there is a
    separate feature request for this.


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