#13 Right-click for games/ads windows


It would be nice if you could right-click on an ad and
see the 'assess' output for that game. In addition a
finger/history/stats for that player would be useful, a
la the main board pane.

In the games window, a similar right-click menu could
give you info on both players.


  • Felipe Bergo

    Felipe Bergo - 2001-11-13
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  • Felipe Bergo

    Felipe Bergo - 2001-11-13

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    on the games window this can't be done because eboard does
    not parse the lines from the "games" command on FICS.

    on the seek graph it can be hard to use because ads come
    and go fast.

  • Dave Baker

    Dave Baker - 2003-03-16

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    As a follow-up to your comment ... in the seek graph, the
    games come and go so fast it's often each to double-click
    the wrong one and accept a different game.

    Two thoughts I had on this.

    1) Have a single-click, then right-click mechanism.
    Single-click the game, confirm you got the right one, and
    then right click (or perhaps choose from a button bar) for
    the function you want ... accept, assess, pstat (opponent
    and yourself), etc.

    2) Have a 'disable auto' option so it doesn't update so
    quick, and then have a manual update you can bash on if you


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