PNG Library not working

  • Paul A. Arbour

    Paul A. Arbour - 2001-12-10

    Here is the error I am getting when trying to run eboard:

    convert: PNG library is not available (/home/arbourp/share/eboard/Ebony.png).
    convert: Incorrect image header in file (/home/arbourp/share/eboard/Ebony.png).
    convert: Missing an image file name.
    gdk_imlib ERROR: Cannot load image: /home/arbourp/share/eboard/Ebony.png
    All fallbacks failed.
    <PieceSet::PieceSet> ** unable to load /home/arbourp/share/eboard/Ebony.png

    I beleive I have everything installed properly but need some ideas as to why this error is being generated... is it because the decoder isn't working or perhaps because of permissions...  Any thoughs?

    • Felipe Bergo

      Felipe Bergo - 2002-05-15

      If you are on SuSE Linux, it's likely that you have a broken libpng, I'm getting many reports like this these days. I'm trying to address this issue currently. Please don't use these forums, I browse them once a year or less, mailing list, personal email or bug reports (in the project page) are better ways to let me know something is goind wrong. -- Felipe


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