installing eboard

  • BURGStaa

    BURGStaa - 2007-02-07

    hi, to me linux is new, so please be patient.

    i have a problem installing eboard, when i compile, i get this result:

    configuring eboard 1.0.3...
    checking sanity of install... ok
    testing C++ compiler...
      trying g++ ... it works
    header verification:
      all headers found.
    header verification:
      sys/audioio.h       : no
    checking for IPPROTO_TCP in netinet/in.h... yes
    checking for TCP_NODELAY in netinet/in.h... no
    checking for SOL_TCP in netinet/in.h... no
    checking for IPPROTO_TCP in netinet/tcp.h... no
    checking for TCP_NODELAY in netinet/tcp.h... yes
    checking for SOL_TCP in netinet/tcp.h... yes
      net options: netinet/tcp.h required, IPPROTO_TCP present.
    looking for pkg-config... /usr/bin/pkg-config
    looking for GTK+ version... 2.10.6, ok
    looking for libpng... 1.2.12, ok
    header verification:
      all headers found.
    header verification:
      dgtnix.h            : no
    library verification: dgtnixQueryDriverVersion() in dgtnix: FAIL
    ** dgtnix not found, eboard will be compiled without DGT board support.
    wrote config.h
    wrote config.make
    writing Makefile... ok
    creating eboard-config... ok
    creating eboard.spec... ok


    eboard version 1.0.3
    binaries  will be installed to    /usr/local/bin
    man pages will be installed under /usr/local/man
    datafiles will be installed to    /usr/local/share/eboard
    DGT board support: no
    NLS support: yes

    linux-mbbx:~/programme/eboard-1.0.3 #         

    so... everything seems to be ok, but when i open the folder /usr/local/share there is no eboard folder. and i do not find any eboard application, so it seems like, it was not installed.

    any ideas??

    • BURGStaa

      BURGStaa - 2007-02-07

      i use openSuse 10.2

    • Mimosinnet

      Mimosinnet - 2007-02-07

      From the output, eboard should be in /usr/local/bin

    • Mimosinnet

      Mimosinnet - 2007-02-07

      I am using gentoo, but there should be a packet manager in SuSe, and you should get eboard automatically in KDE menu.


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