Solaris string libraries

Chad Brown
  • Chad Brown

    Chad Brown - 2002-03-02

    rindex() and index() I think are defined in string.h on most platforms, are defined in strings.h on Solaris 8 (possibly others).

    index() is used in, and
    rindex() is used in

    • Felipe Bergo

      Felipe Bergo - 2002-05-15

      and what about strchr and strrchr, where are they defined ? (please do not use these forums, I only browse them once a year or less, mailing list, personal email or bug report in the project page are better ways to let me know of something). -- Felipe

    • Dr. David Kirkby

      rindex is depricated - usr strrchr, which is defined in string.h

      I have email to the developer, but so far no reply. But someone found my mail bouncing, perhaps why.



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