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New release..

I've uploaded a new release, 2.0 pre2. This release has fixes for the handshaking that didn't work in pre1. I can't seem to get the release mechanism to behave though. You *can* download the files from the sourceforge ftp site. (ftp://ebjava.sourceforge.net/pub/ebjava/)

Update: SourceForge has fixed the release mechanism after an update to a bunch of their infrastructure. The latest release (2.0 pre2) is now available in the usual manner. I'm still testing and I've found another bug in the client receive message method; hopefully, I'll find some time over the Christmas break to fix the bug.

Posted by Kevin J. Slater 2000-12-13

More progress..

Well, I took some time and rewrote a little of the client NewU.java and the server EBNet.java. Fixed the handshaking so that now account creation works again. I'm going to try to fix the client EBNet.java such that it's in step with server EBNet.java -- hopefully tonight. After that's done I'll upload new client & server tar.gz's and create a new release. Hang in there...


Posted by Kevin J. Slater 2000-12-12

File Mismatch, etc.

We seem to still be having problems with file mismatches, etc. The 2.0 files from CVS match up with the .tar.gz files on the project page, but there is a problem with the protocol handshake between the EBNet.java on the client and EBNet.java on the server in this version. If you want to see the basic functionality, the 1.0 version stuff doesn't handshake correctly. I'm working with Chris to get the 2.0 stuff sorted out.... read more

Posted by Kevin J. Slater 2000-11-15

Status, file corruption, and all

Looking in the various logs for this project, I'm still seeing an astonshingly large number of people looking into this thing every day, which tells me there is plenty of intrest for EBJava. Unfortunately I think these people will go away disappoitned.

On the developmental side of things, I have no time to work on EBJava anymore. With school and various other must-do projects, the optional ones get pushed off to the side. This is too bad, but hey, EBJava is very usable as it is now so I don't feel too bad. I did what I set out to do with it and won $250 by submitting it in a contest :)... read more

Posted by Chris Carlin 2000-10-14

Host Found!

Big thanks to Everson Todoroki for helping to establish a (more) permanent host for EBJava. This will be our production server for now and should provide a much better solution than me using my own pc for it.

EBJava running on the new host can be found at http://eb.ol.com.br/EBJava.html (yep, he even set up a subdomain for this), and I'll get around to updating links and all soon.

There is, however a small catch: AIM now refuses to log on. I don't know exactly why it is doing this, as it was working just fine not too long ago, but I guess I will try to have this resolved within the next couple of days. Who knows, this might be the impetus that will get me working actively on EBJava again.... read more

Posted by Chris Carlin 2000-05-29

Host needed!

We need someone to host this rather badly.
I don't have a connection that can do it, so if anyone reading this has a stable connection and preferably a subdomain (http://EBJava.<whatever>.com/ would be great), email me at volkris@cryogen.com.
All you need is a webserver capable of serving two pages and a Java runtime. No big deal.

~Chris Carlin

Posted by Chris Carlin 2000-05-20


This program was submitted to a contest on March 31. With that over and done with, I can finally open it up to outside development and get to other stuff.
The applet side of it is pretty stable, with pretty good AIM support. ICQ support is iffy as my campus firewall prevents me from really testing it.
The server side is in need of major cleanup. It is barely stable, and probably needs to have major parts rewritten.
I call this release 1.0 as it is quite usable, but the code is a mess with no commenting at all. I will have to go back and do that when I have time.
I'm not really a programmer, so I'm hopeing to get some help expanding this project here at Sourceforge.... read more

Posted by Chris Carlin 2000-04-04