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Posted by Andrew Welch 2006-07-07

Kernow 1.4 released!

Kernow 1.4 released:

- Added directory validation using SaxonSA, Xerces or JAXP (choice of XSD or RNG where possible)
- Added the ability to run schema aware XQueries
- Added default, lax and strict validation for schema aware transforms and queries
- Added the ability to choose the type of files to process in a directory (eg, xml, xhtml, or well-formed html)
- Fixed a number of small bugs

Posted by Andrew Welch 2006-07-07

Kernow 1.3 released

Kernow 1.3 includes Saxon 8.7.1 (basic version) and contains some minor bug fixes.

Posted by Andrew Welch 2006-05-07

1.2 Released - RelaxNG / XMLSchema check added

1.2 contains an extra tab to check a RelaxNG / XMLSchema for correctness, and to validate an XML file against it.

Posted by Andrew Welch 2006-03-05

1.1 released - now renamed to "Kernow" !

Version 1.1 includes the ability to run XQuery - so I've renamed the project to "Kernow". Kernow is the Celtic name for Cornwall (where I grew up) and ties in quite nicely historically with Saxon and Aelfred, so it seems ideal.

This version uses the latest Saxon 8.7

Posted by Andrew Welch 2006-02-28

1.0.3 Released

Fixed a problem with the timing

Posted by Andrew Welch 2006-02-09