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New Homepage

We now have a new homepage powered by the Drupal Content Management System (www.drupal.org).
With this new site we hope to have better interaction between the developers and between the developers and the end users.

We are currently very busy on designing the new architecture for the project, and we hope to show some results very soon.

The new homepage: http://easystock.sourceforge.net

Posted by timothy 2003-12-27

EasyStock CVS

I added a CVS repository for the ERD.
We are currently working on the ERD for the
new .NET version of EasyStock. All changes will be commited to CVS.

All suggestions considering EasyStock or the ERD are welcome.

Posted by timothy 2003-02-17

EasyStock .NET Version

It's been a long time since I took some time for EasyStock, but now we're back with a new team and a completely new implementation of EasyStock, this time for the .NET Framework.

EasyStock is going to support multiple
languages with english as the default language.

If you have suggestions, or you would like to contribute to the project in any way,
please contact me by e-mail.

More information coming soon.

Posted by timothy 2003-01-21

Password for v0.0.006 - root account

It's been a while since the last update,
but here it is.

The password for the root account is "easy".

Other News:
Peter is working on the site for EasyStock

Posted by timothy 2002-06-02

Upcoming ERD Changes

There is a serious error in the current ERD.
I'll release the new one ASAP.

Sorry for the delay,
I'm having problems with tools at this time.

Posted by timothy 2002-04-08

First GUI Preview Source Release

This first release is only intended as a preview
of the GUI. It is not a working version of the software.

Please note that the .exe in the release package zip-file has been put there by mistake. You should recompile before viewing.
I appoligize for this mistake

Posted by timothy 2002-03-27

GUI look set

The look for the GUI has been set
I'll post a preview ASAP

Posted by timothy 2002-03-09

Changed ActiveX controls

Since the Outlookbar Control from vision-factory has some serious bugs, we decided to use the controls from http://www.vbaccelerator.com instead.
The new outlookbar control has a lot more functionality and although it will be a bit more difficult to implement, it will allow us to create a more flexible user interface.

Posted by timothy 2002-03-05

Step 1 - Database Design

The first step has been made.
We're currently working on the ERD

Posted by timothy 2001-12-10

Barcode Scanner has arrived

The Barcode scanner arrived today,
It's a Metrologic MS9500 Voyager Scanner

Let's test it

Posted by timothy 2001-10-15

Waiting for a barcode reader

Our sponsors are providing us with a barcode-reader to start working on the project.

Please visit their site (http://www.chukky-computers.be)

Posted by timothy 2001-10-03

Vision Factory ActiveX Controls

Since we want to use some of the ActiveX Controls provided by Vision-Factory,
I contacted Kay Federwisch about the license for the controls

They approve free use of their controls in software intended for personal use or GPL software

For more information: http://www.vision-factory.com

Posted by timothy 2001-09-27