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easyMP3Gain 0.5.0 released!

easyMP3Gain is a graphical user interface for mp3gain, aacgain and vorbisgain. The Interface looks similar to the one available for Windows. It's a native GTK/GTK2/Qt4 application, so it runs on Linux and FreeBSD/OpenBSD (not tested yet). If you are using Gnome take the GTK2 version, if you are using KDE then take the Qt4 version.

This version contains new features like:

-Qt4 Version
-Italian translation
-Customizable columns (filename/path)... read more

Posted by Giantics 2009-12-30

Qt4-version of easyMP3Gain is coming!

With the next release, a Qt4-version of easymp3gain will be there. The release date will probably be in August or September.

Posted by Giantics 2009-06-27

easyMP3Gain 0.4.0 beta released!

This version contains new features like:
- AAC support (for ".mp4" and ".m4a" files, not raw ".aac")
- Ogg-Vorbis support (".ogg" and ".oga")
- GUI saves settings (target volume, etc..)
- Recursive adding of files now works on NTFS-drives
- New process-module (internally)
- Console Output can be viewed
- Localization-system changed to GNU gettext
- Automatic album detection (by directory)
- Accepts files as argument
- Several other improvements... read more

Posted by Giantics 2008-09-19

VorbisGain support planned for next release

ogg/vorbis-files are getting more and more important. VorbisGain is a backend just like MP3Gain. This backend is planned to be supported by easyMP3Gain for the next release, too.

Posted by Giantics 2008-04-06

easyMP3Gain 0.3.0 beta released!

new features:
-Files can now easily be added by Drag&Drop
-Included a dialog with some options (auto-read tags, ignore tags, use temporary files, keep original file timestamp)
-Added Button to cancel outstanding operations
-Icons for all buttons
-Files can now be sorted by clicking on columns
-mp3gain is being aborted when exiting easyMP3Gain

Posted by Giantics 2008-03-24

easyMP3Gain 0.2.0 alpha released!

-Album-analyzing added
-Statusbar showing things like current operation, file, file count etc.
-New icon-theme (Tango)
-Second progressbar showing general progress
-Button added which allows to perform changes only on selected items.
-Several small improvements

Posted by Giantics 2008-02-22

easyMP3Gain 0.1.0 alpha released!

- Track Anlyze
- Track Gain
- Constant Gain
- Read TagInfo
- Delete TagInfo
- Undo

Posted by Giantics 2007-10-03