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Release 2_3_8_2

This Release contains some fixes.
It is now possible to install EasyMotif on Raspberry PI. Tested with a Debian Linux Image and motif-2.3.4 installed.

Please report the result of an installation on Raspberry Pi


Posted by Juergen Keidel 2013-09-09


The new release contains now a new Widget, a "progress-bar". aside from functioning as progressbar (scaled from 0% to 100%, it may be used with any scale. In addition is it possible to add limits and to connect a callback to these limits, which is called if the value crosses this limit.
As this feature is new, I like to thank anyone who uses this feature
and will give me a feedback.

Have fun
J.Keidel (WizAnt)... read more

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2013-08-01

Release 2.3.8

New Release has several minor changes and bug-fixes.

added some more functions to the manual. Functions in Brainlib.
PD-Install now to lib
RED colour selector, use locate /usr instead of ls, if this isn't possible, try
find (takes a minute at first call)
Radio-Container forced to pack-Column, that will solve problems with multicolumn
safety against floating exception, numcolums can't be less than 1 !!
raise Error Dialog, if templates are not existing
two functions in Brainlib to set and retrieve a Label from any Widget, that has a Label-recsource
Hack to avoid segfault if cancel of WED after deleting a callback.
modify the autoconvert to use width and height for conversion
replace tabs by blanks in doc u-files
set editor to emulate tabs by 4 blanks!
modified Imakefile creation to avoid including the config of EasyMotif into each Imakefile... read more

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2013-06-22

EasyMotif release 2.3.5

Release 2.3.5 solves several minor bugs.
The parsing function, used by the editor, is replaced by a handcoded function to overcome some bison generated problems (bison 2.3)
Some enhancements requested by users are integrated.
Adaptions to gcc version 4.2.1 are done.

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2007-11-26

EasyMotif Release 2.3.4

The new release 2.3.4 contains a better README, final adaptions to 64-bit Linux and a lot of corrections for minor bugs.

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2007-05-29


New release available
Adaption to linux-64 BIT system

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2007-01-02


Release EasyMotif_2_3_0 is now availble.
Beside a lot of bugfixing, some enhancements are integrated. It is now possible to generate a Menubar in each form, as well as a pop-up menu into each form with the restriction, only one pop-up in a cascade of forms.
The option menu-button can be switched to a different view without menu-history, but a possibility to cascade it.
Within complex-projects, the global-header is included now automatically into the generated C-files, if all C-code is written.

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2006-08-19


EasyMotif release 2_2_0 has fixed several bugs. Inaddition, the option menu has better resourcesetting if setting colours via sourcecode. (these are more independent of the window manager)
Cursor contro has changed to come around some inconvieniences with kde-cursors with can't be recoloured. The creation of UIL-code is disabled (the originator of this part left the project)

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2006-06-03

EasyMotif 2.0

EasyMotif now readched Version 2.0.
Added new features:
Graphical extension of Form (using GRForm-widget)., including ghical setting of primitives as line, polygon, rectangle and circle. Editor to change the properties of each primitive (or a group of primitives). Attaching points to widgets and creating dynamic effects as flow or blinking. Several helpful functions are added to control graphic behaviour at runtime of target.... read more

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2004-03-21

EasyMotif Release 1.7

Release 1.7 of EasyMotif now includes a spectral widget with time history plotting in 3D like style.
Using GrForm instead of XmForm, it is possible to add graphics and some effects to the basic Forms.
Several inconvieniaces are cleaned.

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2003-12-30

EasyMotif_1.5 released

The new release 1.5 contains a lot of powerful features beneath a lot of bug corrections.

Major change is expanding EasyMotif to combine several EasyMotif-Projects into one complex Project. (Example is EasyMotif itself)
The editor now uses syntax-highlighting and is able to print the code with colored highlighting
A direct jump to linenumber feature is included into the Workbench. (helpful in case of syntax-errors)
UIL features even complex-Projects.... read more

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2003-07-12


The new release contains a recoded search and replace. The editor has expanded syntax highlighting together with color printing of code.
The Thumbwheel widget is added (for C-code and UIL)
An internal linecount is added, allowing to direct jump to a linenumber (p.e. given by error message from the compiler).

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2003-03-01


New release EasyMotif_1.3 has several enhancements. The major point is the replacement of the primitive Texteditor by the functionality of nedit with syntax-highlighting and better copy/past/move functions. In addition, it is now possible to select a printer and to print with syntax-highlighting.

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2002-12-29

EasyMotif 1.2

The new release adds several Public Domain widgets to EasyMotif. a lot of little bugs and inconveniances are cleared. The installation now is done via Imake. Cygwin at least compiles and installs correctly. Sometimes (under Cygwin Easymotif aborts prior to any display (as nedit does). If somebody can get the reason, plese let me now.

BUT, it is really stable, no project ist lost.
Have fun

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2002-11-22

EasyMotif_1.0 stable

The new release of EasyMotif >easmotif_1.0< is the first stable version. It includes C-code and UIL-C-code creation. Most of the standard Motif Widgets are included as well as several useful public-domain widgets. The release contains all used source files (including copies of pd-widget source). It is tested on linux (actuall kernel 2.4.18 with openMotif) and IRIX 6.5.

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2002-08-01

Last beta release

EasyMotif_beta_7 will be the last beta release. Several bugs are fixed and some little enhancements are integrated. As it is now running in a production environment, The next release will be the first production release. Please give feedback about bugs and enhancement requests

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2002-05-18

EasyMotif beta_6

The new release of EasyMotif (beta_6) if mainly a bugfix release, but optional balloon hellp and the Ezdraw widget is added.

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2002-03-29

new release beta_5

EasyMotif now is expanded to cope with new PD-widgets: ComboBox and ListTree

A Class browser is added, displaying the projects hierarchy and creating a printout of the hierarchy

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2002-03-02


Thats the new release, it contains changing a Form into a scrolled widow containg the Form. A drawing area is added as characteristics of Form, open-GL-drawing area is added.

The option to add any user widget (leaving here the WYSIWYG philosophy), but enabling all kinds of widgets, as long as they are children of "primitive" and "Core" is included.

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2001-11-13

First beta release EasyMotif_0_9

EasyMotif is now stated as BETA, starting with release EasyMotif_0_9. It run stable and is able to fullfill the first set of planned tasks. We are still working on enhancements and will continue to release at major changes.

As now it's single project-parts are all moved to EasyMotif itself, we are assuming, it is doing, what it is supposed to do.

Download and try.

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2001-11-01

New release 0.8 pre-beta

The new 0.8 release has now added a clipboard to copy and paste widget-items even across projects. (copying includes callbacks, pasting automatically clears duplicate ids and callback-names)
A search/replace feature is added to the Text-editor.

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2001-10-21

EasyMotif_0_7_5.tgz new release

This release contains some new features as :
hiding a widget to get acces to underlying widgets
creating project-files (simple save) as gzipped files
alignment of widgets
creating files containing only the DOC-parts of your project
creating and editing the Makefile for the project

and a lot of bug fixes...................

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2001-10-12

Easymotif Motif GUI-builder: New release 0_7_4

The new release contains preliminary documentation(user manual), most used motif widegets integrated, three parts of the project put to EasyMotif itself. The actual version is stable.
If somebody will volunteer to add code for exporting for Qt, Tcl or such, welcome.

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2001-09-21

Latest release (0_7_1)

EasyMotif just release a version, which is really usable. (Actually used for some little project in production). It now contains the major widgets of Motif, all editing features for callbacks and functions, the possibility to set resources in details, (going into resource-file, fallbacks or directly into the code). All changes to any widget are immediately shown, as they will appear when the program is compiled and run. Save and restore of projectfile is stable using the "simple-save". Uil save(or export) is still under development.... read more

Posted by Juergen Keidel 2001-07-30