error msg under framework 2.0

  • Jim

    Jim - 2006-01-20

    I am seeing this error message running unit tests under framework 2.0.

    System.ApplicationException: Bug in Easymock: no return value generated for System.Void>

    Any work around?  Is a 2.0 framework version going to be released?

    • Jon Skeet

      Jon Skeet - 2006-01-20

      It's a fairly easy bug to fix (although I don't know off-hand whether the same fix will break it in .NET 1.1). Unfortunately I don't have any spare time to fix it and do a release at the moment :(

      A colleague has told me you just need to change the start of RecordState.EmptyValueFor to:
      if (type == typeof(void) || !type.IsValueType)
           return null;

      At least, I assume that's the same problem - worth a try until I get a chance to look at it more carefully.

    • Jim

      Jim - 2006-01-23

      Thanks for the prompt response, I will try your suggestion


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