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EasyImageSizer / News: Recent posts

Version 3.0.5

Threaded Convertion for 2x speedup.

Posted by FalseCAM 2012-06-16

Version 3.0.1

More Image File formats are supported now.

Posted by FalseCAM 2011-04-21

Version 2.1.5

A preview for overlay-text added.
You can now see a preview at which position the text will be added to your picture.

Posted by FalseCAM 2011-01-07

Version 2.1.3

Plugin to Write a Text over Images now included.

Posted by FalseCAM 2010-11-21

Version 2.1.1

Chinese language support added.
Thanks to xslidian for translation!

Posted by FalseCAM 2010-11-10

Version 2.1

Language support now added.
First translation: German

Posted by FalseCAM 2010-11-10

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 is plugindriven now to add new functions more fast easily.
All old functions are included.
German translation coming soon.
Have fun with it!

Posted by FalseCAM 2010-10-31