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Another suspension

I'm really sorry, I have to inform you that the project will again be suspended until summer. I have to do this as I do not have time to work on EasyHTML. Physics is a very time-intensive study ... beleive me.


Posted by Harald Breitkreutz 2003-02-02

Suspended until 02/2003

As I have much work to do at the moment, I won't have time to continue the project until february 2003. This doesn't mean that the project died! It is just suspended until next year.
Thank you.

Posted by Harald Breitkreutz 2002-12-01

EasyHTML 0.1.4b released

What's new ?

- support for images
- support for language files
- support for IPv6

Grab it now :-)

Posted by Harald Breitkreutz 2002-10-08

French translator

We have a new group member. Quietschie will add support for french language and translate the documentation. Be prepared ;-)

Posted by Harald Breitkreutz 2002-10-03

EasyHTML 0.1.3b released

Released EasyHTML 0.1.3b today :)
EasyHTML is now declared beta, and we have added support for multiple languages. By now, support for german and english language is included.

Posted by Harald Breitkreutz 2002-10-03

EasyHTML 0.1.2a released

EasyHTML is now able to generate XHTML-compatible code and the sources are fully commented.
If you already run EasyHTML you should upgrade to this version.

Posted by Harald Breitkreutz 2002-09-29

EasyHTML 0.1.1a released

0.1.1a is a maintenance release. It does contain nothing new but some important bugfixes on text-parsing and rfc-checks.
The only two files that have changed are ./classes/verweis.class.php and ./parser/textformat.parser.php

Posted by Harald Breitkreutz 2002-09-28

Open-Source !

Seit heute ist EasyHTML Open-Source. Das Entwicklungsteam freut sich jederzeit ber Vorschlge und Hinweise.

Posted by Harald Breitkreutz 2002-09-13