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Sorry for the inconvenience...

Currently the development has been stopped due to a project with higher priority... I will continue and complete development in March 2008...

I started to completly redesign the whole architecture... The library will now come in C++.NET and will just use a simple UnmanagedFunctionPointer-Wrapper to offer native bindings.

It will also come with a HxS-Helpfile and a CHM-Helpfile for all NET classes. The new version is much more stable due to the NET Framework and has new algorithms making hooking even more simpler than it already was in the initial release plans.... read more

Posted by Christoph Husse 2008-04-07

Waiting for NET release...

I decided to wait until the NET wrapper and its examples are ready. This will lead to a more convenient introduction to EasyHook because its native API is something hard to understand if you never hooked before...

Even the NET wrapper will come with a comprehensive test suite to validate EasyHook's core components the first time. Currently there is only the hope that all things are working properly under all circumstances.... read more

Posted by Christoph Husse 2008-02-23

First beta release is coming soon...

I am currently fixing some last issues within the code. Also the NET-Wrapper, examples and a short manual has to be written... The first release will include the native code and some native examples with a proper manual and arrive in the next two days.

The NET-Wrapper including NET-examples and a proper manual will arrive at weekend.

I have to mention that this software is currently in its first beta state and shouldn't be used in production environment. Please test this software and report all bugs and issues or possible improvements.

Posted by Christoph Husse 2008-02-20

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