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EasyH10 version 1.5 released

EasyH10 1.5 is released. Changes since version 1.4 are:
* [common] Added Hebrew support, which arranges artist/album/title/genre names in reversed order. Although the H10 firmware can't display a string in right-to-left language correctly, EasyH10 tries to improve this situation by flipping Hebrew letters in the database. EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] activates this routine automatically when running on the Hebrew locale, but one can disable it by setting LanguageRightToLeft variable to -1 in easyh10.ini. EasyH10 [CUI] uses the routine only when option -b (--bidi) is specified. The flipping routine was written by David Kohen.
* [POSIX CUI] Added automatic detection of a system character-encoding. EasyH10 detects the character encoding of the current system if it's not specified with -e option.
* [POSIX CUI] Options -n, -i, and -c for database construction were removed for simplicity. EasyH10 [CUI] now has two options: -C (database rebuild) and -U (database update).
* [POSIX CUI] Show an error message when EasyH10 cannot initialize the routine for converting multi-byte characters to UCS-2.
* [POSIX CUI] Crash fix for MP3 files without read permission.
* [POSIX CUI] Crash fix for MP3 files with compilation flags enabled but with empty artist names. This fix was submitted by Carsten Pfeiffer (#1539139)
* [POSIX CUI] Bug fix for an incorrect usage of returned codes from iconv.
* [POSIX CUI] Updated the man-page.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2006-10-09

EasyH10 version 1.4 released

EasyH10 1.4 was released. The source and binaries are available at "EasyH10 Stable" release.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2006-06-13

EasyH10 version 1.2.1 released with RPM/SRPM packages

Although this is a minor bug-fix release, it must be a good news for Linus users. By courtesy of Masaya Kato, I am pleased to announce that EasyH10 version 1.2.1 is released with RPM/SRPM packages. You can install the binary RPM package or build your own binary package from the SRPM package. Enjoy!

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-11-25

EasyH10 version 1.2 released

This is an update release for the new H10 2.51 firmware that iRiver released last week. This update also includes a useful enhancement for MP3 files that iTunes generates for omnibus albums.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-10-31

EasyH10 version 1.1.1 released.

This is a minor bug-fix release.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-10-22

EasyH10 version 1.1 released

As iRiver released H10 20GB MTP firmware 2.50, they revised the database specification a bit. The change was so minor that I have no idea about why they had to change the database specification. However, the change was also enough to make EasyH10 1.0 incompatible to the new firmware. This is the update release for H10 20GB firmware 2.50 although it was just less than two weeks ago that I have released EasyH10 1.0...

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-10-21

EasyH10 version 1.0 released

I am very pleased to announce that EasyH10 finally hits 1.0 today, 10 October 2005. EasyH10 has been successful while it is a young (five-months-old) project. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who involved in this project.

I wish you a pleasant music life with H10 and EasyH10!

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-10-10

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 8 released

EasyH10 now officially supports H10 MTP models shipped in EU countries. Since MTP models are now shipped even outside of North American countries, I decided to change the terms to distinguish UMS and MTP players as follows: "Intl" -> "UMS"; and "NA" -> "MTP". Please uninstall the previous version before installing this version so that the old template files (H10Intl*.model and H10NA*.model) are removed from the computer and disappers in the selection.... read more

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-09-24

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 7 released

This is a bug-fix release. Please use this version if you are using EasyH10 [CUI] on POSIX-like environments.

* [common] Updated the model templates for the North American H10 5/6GB 2.10 players.
* [common] Fixed a bug where EasyH10 could not skip ID3v2 tag correctly. EasyH10 could not obtain stream information from MP3 files with ID3v2 tag. This bug does not cause any trouble in H10's functionality (because the information does not seem to be used by H10) but should be fixed. Thanks for the report, Derek.
* [common] Fixed a crash bug reported in this thread. EasyH10 crashed when \Media\Music or \Music directory does not exist. Thanks for the report, dave_di.
* [CUI POSIX] Fixed a serious bug where EasyH10 generates an invalid database reported in this thread. This bug was introduced by version 1.0 beta 6 release. Only the CUI version for POSIX-like environments was vulnerable. Thanks for the report, phillip.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-09-13

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 6 released

This release contains several usability enhancements and bug-fixes:

* [CUI] EasyH10 now can be compiled against non-patched libid3tag that may be installed in your operating system by default. This makes it possible to prepare EasyH10 pre-compiled packages. EasyH10 built against non-patched version, however, cannot make use of:
o ID3v1 tag for a field which is empty (unset) in ID3v2 tag but filled in ID3v1
o parsed result from an erroneous tag.
The patch that EasyH10 uses against libid3tag takes measures to such problematic MP3 files but might be no use for most users. You can compile EasyH10 [CUI] with either libid3tag with/without the patch. EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] will be compiled against libid3tag with the patch enabled.
* [CUI] Long options (--update, --playlist, etc) are now supported.
* [CUI] -U option is renamed as -C. It is now the synonym of -Cis options. You don't have to specify -is with -U any more.
* [CUI] Changed the default character encoding from "ISO-8859-1" to "UTF-8".
* [CUI] Added the manpage for easyh10. See "man easyh10".
* [CUI] "make install" now copies *.model files into ${PREFIX]/share/easyh10/model directory.
* [CUI] Updated the manual for the CUI version.
* [Win32 GUI] Two new translations are included into the official distribution: Spanish translation by Guillermo Lpez Leal; and Norwegian translation by Kristian F. Schmidt.
* [Win32 GUI] Fixed the installer.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-08-29

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 5 released

This is a bug-fix release.

* [common] Fixed a bug around playback order when using "track number" ordering. Not all users affect this problem, but the previous versions might arrange tracks in a wrong order. If you have omnibus albums that contain music tracks performed by different artists, you might get a messed-up playback order. (Thanks Moneycat!)
* [website] Updated out-dated information on this web site. EasyH10 Users' Manual now includes detail description about all functions. Several external links are added to "Links" page.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-08-10

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 4 released

This is another serious bug-fix release against "incorrect displaying" problem. I suppose that this update finally fixed all problems that I know at this moment. Should you have other problem with EasyH10, please let me know as soon as possible.

- [common] Sorted out "incorrect displaying" problem, which shows a messed-up information during playback even though song naviation in the MUSIC mode works perfectly. This problem was found to be caused by an unknown database specification. Thank you for providing database samples, MyGoul and David!

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-08-08

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 3 released.

This is a serious bug-fix release.

* [common] Fixed a bug that calculated CRC value incorrectly when the length of an artist, album, title, or genre name exceeds its limitation. This bug found to be related with "empty entry" problem, which makes some songs inaccessible from MUSIC mode. I got a report from RtOaNn at misticriver that EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 3 sorts out the problem. (Thanks, RtOaNn)
* [common] Improved sort stability for generating H10_*.idx files, using reverse order of entry IDs.
* [Win32 GUI] Included updated translation for Italian users. Now all translations are updated for EasyH10 1.0. (Thanks, klima)

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-08-06

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 2 released

This is a minor bug-fix release.

* [common] Improved WMA parser to prioritize Content Description rather than Extended Content Description for obtaining an artist value. Some WMA files have two different artist names in one file. (Thanks, jkidd)
* [Win32 GUI] Included updated translation for Frence, German, and Korean users.
* [CUI] Bug-fix in parsing -T option values.

I got one bug report that is fixed with this release after the release of 1.0 beta 1. If I don't get any bug report by 31 Jul 2005, EasyH10 will move to 1.0 Release Candidate.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-07-28

EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 1 released

This is the first beta release towards EasyH10 version 1.0 final. I will concentrate on bug-fixes and stabilization and not include any additional functions to EasyH10 version 1.0. This release contains a number of enhancements and bug-fixes.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-07-23

EasyH10 version 0.15 beta released

I pleased to announce that EasyH10 version 0.15 beta was released especially for one major bug-fix: database entry problem.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-07-16

EasyH10 version 0.14 beta released

I'm pleased to announce that EasyH10 version 0.14 beta is released with both Win32 GUI and CUI versions. I assume this version to be virtually EasyH10 1.0 release candidate 1.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-07-12

EasyH10 [CUI] Version 0.13 beta released.

I am pleased to announce that EasyH10 [CUI] Version 0.13 is released with true multi-platform support. I compiled EasyH10 [CUI] on several POSIX-like operating systems such as Fedora Core, Debian Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X, etc. woring on different CPU architectures such as Intel x86, AMD64, IBM Power PC, etc. I confirmed that EasyH10 [CUI] produced bit identical databases and playlists for all platforms tested so far. Although I distribute only the source code of EasyH10 [CUI], I'm pretty sure that you can use iriver H10 player on your favorite OS as long as you could compile it.... read more

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-07-01

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] version 0.12 beta released

Version 0.12 beta (2005-06-28)
- Microsoft Riff file (WAVE) support.
- Added command-line options:
- Include German and French translation into the official distribution.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-06-28

EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] Version 0.11 beta released

Since the last release of EasyH10, I've got few bug reports and feature requests. I would like to freeze the functional expansion and release the version 1.0 early because I'm getting busier these days. In the first step toward the version 1.0, I release EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] version 0.11 beta, which will be the basis of the stable version.

* Updated the model files for H10 Int'l firmware 2.05
* Fixed several mistakes in dialog messages.
* Added multi-language support for translating EasyH10's dialog and messages into other languages (EasyH10 has been working on platforms in various languages though). I translated dialogs and messages into Japanese and included the language DLL in the distribution.... read more

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-06-13

EasyH10 is now hosted by sourceforge.net

I launched the EasyH10 open source project.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-05-19

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