EasyH10 version 1.0 beta 7 released

This is a bug-fix release. Please use this version if you are using EasyH10 [CUI] on POSIX-like environments.

* [common] Updated the model templates for the North American H10 5/6GB 2.10 players.
* [common] Fixed a bug where EasyH10 could not skip ID3v2 tag correctly. EasyH10 could not obtain stream information from MP3 files with ID3v2 tag. This bug does not cause any trouble in H10's functionality (because the information does not seem to be used by H10) but should be fixed. Thanks for the report, Derek.
* [common] Fixed a crash bug reported in this thread. EasyH10 crashed when \Media\Music or \Music directory does not exist. Thanks for the report, dave_di.
* [CUI POSIX] Fixed a serious bug where EasyH10 generates an invalid database reported in this thread. This bug was introduced by version 1.0 beta 6 release. Only the CUI version for POSIX-like environments was vulnerable. Thanks for the report, phillip.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-09-13

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